How We Invest

Gary Community Investments' leadership and staff work together to identify promising mission-aligned investment opportunities that span the full spectrum of capital, from philanthropic to near-market and market rate. We do not accept unsolicited grant or investment proposals.

Identifying Investment Opportunities

We develop relationships with community partners that share our commitment to improving the lives of Colorado’s low-income children and their families. Our investment decisions are not made in isolation, but rather in the context of our entire Colorado investment portfolio and our overall mission. We focus on sourcing investment opportunities that incorporate many factors, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improve outcomes for young children ages prenatal through five years old. Learn more about our School Readiness investment strategy.

  • Strategically align with one or more of our long-term outcome areas.

  • Create catalytic or systemic change for the benefit of Colorado’s low-income children and their families.

  • Build platforms or infrastructure that are essential for the long-term, durable success of our mission.

  • Support the long-term sustainability of an organization by attracting others sources of capital, creating partnerships and networks, and developing new investment structures.

  • Have the commitment and capacity to measure and report on impact so evidence can be built to support scaling.

Event Sponsorships

In keeping with our commitment to supporting Colorado’s low-income children and their families, Gary Community Investments seeks to make durable, strategic investments in partners whose priorities align with our own. As a result, Gary Community Investments and The Piton Foundation no longer provides support to fundraising events. Educational convenings, such as conferences, that align with our priorities may be considered for financial support. We made this decision so that we are able to more intentionally direct our resources toward supporting efforts that generate measurable results without burdening nonprofit organizations’ operating costs.

Capital Market Investing

GCI is working with an investment advisor with deep experience in impact investing and integrating environmental, social and governance factors into the investment approach used to manage our market-rate investments. We are not soliciting market-rate investment ideas in this area at this time, but remain open to learning about new investment strategies that promise to expand opportunities for Colorado’s low-income children and families.