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Announcing $1 Million Early Childhood Innovation Prize

On October 25, Gary Community Investments and OpenIDEO will launch the $1 Million Early Childhood Innovation Prize, an initiative that aims to bring together innovators and organizations of all types to collaboratively solve the urgent question: How might we maximize every child’s potential during their first three years of life?

The first few years of a child’s life lay the foundation for future success. But too many young children are not reaching their full potential because existing approaches to early learning and development are not sufficiently addressing today’s challenges.

Knowing this, the Early Childhood Innovation Prize is seeking ideas that are novel or more effective, efficient or scalable than current ones. We looking to harness the brainpower of thinkers from diverse background who are willing to offer innovative ideas, lend mentorship and expertise, and invest capital to solve this problem together.

Winning innovators will be eligible for a share of up to $1 million in funding and recognition as one of the most promising early childhood innovation ideas in the country, along with access to mentorship and engagement with an ecosystem of innovators, experts and investors.

Learn more about the Early Childhood Innovation Prize and how it fits within GCI’s strategy for catalyzing innovation in early childhood, and visit the prize website to sign up to be the first to receive updates on how to engage in this new initiative.